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Ponga is a fun social network where you are not required to expose your real identity, some times we like to hide our identities on the open web it’s kind of a game, on ponga this is the main goal, you don’t even have the place to expose your real identity, Ponga is not a game where you sit and play with like farmville etc.. it’s just something to pass by every now and then, and this mostly how we use the web when feeling bored, check here and there seeking new funny stuff. this is what ponga for it’s kind of a pet where you give it a name you take care of. you don’t have to spend hours of your time to keep it happy, just need you to pass by every now and then, by gaining more score you reach higher levels, higher levels means more needs means more money needed, means more friends you need to add to gain more daily salary. thats it for now, but funny ideas are still rolling to make it even more funny