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Founded in 2007, stands as the Arab world’s fastest growing social media and content sharing platform. Derived from the word “Diwan”, a “diwanji” is a person who engages in interactions within a common group. enables Arabs to share their interests with the world and provides an attractive eco-system that specifically caters to our region’s user base. As a company, is geared towards fortifying the internet with all the exciting Arabic content the masses are searching for whether they are frequent web-users or just coming onto the internet for the first time. Over the past three years, our network has grown to over 1 Million subscribers and over 6 Million unique visitors per month. With over 60% of users being between the ages of 15 and 25, has concentrated its efforts towards providing Arab youth with best-in-class rich media services such as Video, Photo, and Audio Sharing, Forums/Discussion boards, Q&A, amongst many others that have effectively created a powerful stage for expression and communication that is relevant and in tune with the values that resonate in our part of the world. From content to user interface, is tailored to address the needs of Arab users and fit our culture. For quite some time, the MENA region was deprived of a proper online outlet that provided a stage for user-generated material that was instant and timely. At inception, positioned itself as an Arab entertainment portal and became a compelling resource for Arabic content online. With around 60 Million page views and over 15 Million videos served every month, quickly positioned itself as the go to-destination for all that is fresh and new over the Arabic web. Just accounting for the amount of well written material posted on the various areas of the site today, it is estimated that the equivalent of 1 complete book is produced every day. As an agile entity that is managed by some of the most accomplished business and technical teams, is proudly morphing into a network of social properties that serve niche interests. By migrating and “socializing” a number of sites such as (Bizarre news, photos and video clips from around the world) & (The first social network for Arab females) to become fully fledged eco-systems with dedicated rich media services that are outfitted to specifically fit the context they are a part of. Moreover with the launch of the “Diwan” product, any user, group, brand, entity, event or activity can build an entire social network, bring together all of the services and features that fit that environment in just 3 simple steps. These can be extremely specific and highly targeted sites that feed a particular interest, thus meaning that the user base is far more concentrated and loyal to that network. Users want to interact with others who share the same exact interest as they have and will go to lengths in hopes of sharing content about their passion or attraction. Thousands of networks are expected to pop up covering a true variety of topics. In turn, the “Diwan” product broadens’s advertisement spectrum by multitudes. Not only can clients target their user base by geographic orientation or demographic preference, but now a whole new dimension comes into play; “Content Matter”. By serving advertisements according to user intent, we magnify an advertiser’s return on investment by delivering their messages only to devoted users that are in close relation to the context of the announcement they see. Thus meaning that the ads are more relevant to the user base due to their trusty belonging to the “Diwan(s)” they use. They are more likely to commence in interacting and reacting to ads in such a setting compared to having a wide spread campaign across multiple channels that is less localized, targeted, or meaningful. As an operation that believes in trying new models and exploring new methods of delivering them, is confident in its ability to introduce powerful tools that will play an integral role in carrying the Arabic web forward. The question that remains is: Are You a d1g?


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2009 | Type Early Stage | Source Friends & Family
  • Date November, 2010 | Type Later Stage | Source Abraaj Capital