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Sharp Lemon

Background ========= Sharp Lemon s.a.l is a digital services company launched by Patrick Chemali in June 2011 and based in Beirut, Lebanon. Sharp Lemon was formed in light of increasing demand for digital services and in order to formalize a long standing and proven customer base that seeks to get professional services at reasonable prices with an innovative approach to today’s digital media scene. Sharp Lemon capitalizes on the long experience of its founder and the innovative perspective of its human capital. Mission ====== Sharp Lemon s.a.l aims to breach the existing gap between traditional media agencies and classic development companies by offering an end to end solution to customers who are seeking turnkey solutions while increasing value to our stakeholders. Vision ===== To become a leading name in the regional and global market for quality of services rendered and innovation in the digital media field. Services ======= Online Branding ----------------------- We work with the customer to build brand awareness online. As the digital world grows further having the right branding becomes a must. By going through proper strategic analysis of the strategic business units, the competitive market forces and then proper positioning among competitors we ensure that your brand gets the attention it deserves and the long term sustainability for stable growth and exposure in the digital world. Web Development --------------------------- Web development remains at the core of the digital world. As information technology shifts towards becoming even more web-centric. We conduct careful assessments of the customer’s need to recommend just the right package. Building a website has to be more than just publishing a brochure. A website is yet another branch or outlet to the business. One that can cost much less and bring back more revenue on the long run. Social Media ------------------- Social media became the de facto for online presence. Having only a website is no longer enough to engage your audience. For this purpose Sharp Lemon offers customers the option to build their social media presence. After a careful analysis of the business type of the customer we would propose a charted course of action on select media. Using social media can provide valuable information on existing and potential customers and increase credibility of the company. Content Management ------------------------------- Customers who wish to be online yet do not have the manpower to dedicate for the online management of their website or social media services may seek our content management services. Our dedicated personnel can coordinate with the customer to maintain their digital site and conduct interactions. This service can be offered on campaign basis or on permanent retainer basis. Consultancy Services ------------------------------- We offer a wide range of consultancy services for IT services and digital technology. By requesting our consultants to help assess your business readiness for any technological project you would be leveraging our wide network of connections in this area. Based on our long lasting expertise and our understanding of best business practices for the technological field you would be set for fruitful development with strong grip on budgets.