Got a Startup? Add it!


Naharnet is one of the first Lebanese online media founded in September 2000. Naharnet quickly grew to become one of the leading portals in the Lebanese market and diaspora spreading over 220 countries. It provides news, information, entertainment, mobile and social networking services. Naharnet currently focuses on providing real-time political news and information about Lebanon and the Middle East, in English and Arabic, as an independent and unbiased news organization and purely digital media. Naharnet just launched a scaled down beta version of its new platform which has been under development for the past 2 years. Naharnet has been developing exciting technologies that should set new standards for the online publishing industry including the heavy use of Semantics, Machine Learning, Automated Content filtering for the personnalisation of Digital content consumption and many more tools which will be released in the near future. These tools were developed to better cater for the specific needs of Arab users!