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Apstrata is bringing to market an on-demand cloud service to power mobile applications. Apstrata allows developers to create custom APIs to drive their mobile apps without having to deploy or manage back-end servers and related code. The platform provides many other services crucial for mobile applications such as Messaging, Content & Media repository services, Sophisticated Data Querying, Full-Text search, User management, Social Network integration, User Management, SSO and an Access Control Lists (ACL) based uniform security layer. All our services are available through simple Restful APIs to be used by all mobile and web platforms. apstrata is a subsidiary of Element^n. Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, Element^n is a team of 50 developers and consultants delivering technology, solutions and custom applications to global enterprise customers since 2002. Element^n solutions run on the same mature software stack that the apstrata cloud is based on. For the past 8 years, our platform has been successfully used by many Fortune 1000 type companies in 3 continents to power enterprise and mobile applications.


Investment Rounds

  • Date November, 2010 | Type Early Stage | Source Berytech Fund