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OneYad is a social network that brings together people who are keen to participate in their local community activities, such as a project to volunteer for, an event to attend, a project to sponsor, or volunteers for your new project; OneYad is your source of information. It connects people, sponsors, and organizations to collaborate on locally-relevant projects that serve their communities. All over the world, there are a lot of initiatives that aim to leave an impact on peoples lives both socially and economically. Many organizations and individuals have ideas and projects which need sponsors and volunteers. More importantly, millions of people around the world love to help by either donating money or time. For all of those, OneYad is the answer, which unites all those hands together into one hand that builds prosperous communities, harnessing the power of social networking for effective social working.

Investment Rounds

  • Date May, 2011 | Type Seed | Source Private