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Mazaya Mobile is the first service of a kind that is introduced to serve Middle East consumers by keeping them in direct contact with their preferred brands and shopping markets at NO COST. Mazaya is an application that is installed by the subscriber to keep him communicated to his preferred brands. Also, it is a free application that can be used by all segments of society, individuals, organizations, and communities through an easy installation and registration process directly from the phone. Subscription is made with pre-permission of Subscriber who registers with his full agreement and consent to receive ads delivered to his mobile from the brands segment he prefers. Subscriber will be prompted with an advertisement of brands of his own choice. NO SPAMMING, NO DISTURBANCE during leisure and night time, and NO PARASITE ADS. Subscriber has full control on ads he receives, he can add and drop at his personal convenience


Investment Rounds

  • Date April, 2011 | Type Seed | Source personal