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Thabbet Social News breaks into the social networking scene with an interactive look into the ‎Middle East‎. is a way to post content and have it gain recognition online. This is a new social new and bookmarking site that allows people to post content and have other users rate whether it is valuable or not. This ensures that the most newsworthy and helpful content gains recognition while the online fluff and garbage stays out of the limelight. is produced entirely in the Arabic language and offers people of the Middle East a direct way to share their content and ideas with the rest of the world. One exciting feature of is the ability for users to comment and create a conversation about each piece of content that is uploaded. Whether it is a photo, video, or topic of conversation, this social bookmarking site allows users to create buzz about it. It offers a level playing field for individuals, businesses, and ideas to become the next big thing. If the content is rated as one of the best, it will be exposed to the front page and millions of people will see what it has to offer. also allows people in the Middle East to find content that others find valuable as well. It is a way for the people of the Middle East to stay connected and network together. In short, this site is meant for businesses to promote themselves, as well as the average person to connect with others and talk about similar feelings and ideas. The Middle East will be able to connect in a way that was not before possible. This not only opens up the Middle East to have better relationships among one another, but it allows the world to see the Middle East in a more open light. was created by Exyria Studies with the idea of bringing social media to the Middle East. Since the site’s launch, it has seen rapid growth. It is one of the only social bookmarking sites in the world that is written entirely in the Arabic language.