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Marhaba Palestine!

Marhaba Palestine! A new handheld multimedia device, that provides visitors to Palestine with an easy to use tablet loaded with rich audio, video and text, in their native language - Arabic, English, German, French, and Spanish. Answers in your hands with a screen big enough to read or see a video. Marhaba – which means welcome in Arabic – Palestine! is an easy to use tablet for visitors, whether they are first timers, pilgrims, business, or tourists; who are looking to find what they need, at any time. Designed to address the challenges of travelling where a book or guide would be helpful but just NOT enough. Marhaba Palestine! can address your needs like: turn up the volume to hear about Bethlehem, or read more about the historical site in Jerusalem - while you are looking at it , or something to eat close by? or what is another word for the meaning of Iftar, in my native language? Ask Marhaba Palestine! Marhaba Palestine! a tablet with rich content ready for you to rent from your hotel, tour guide or business from the time you arrive, until you depart. The latest Version - v2beta - of Marhaba Palestine! is powered by state-of-the-art Galaxy Tablets with the powerful android operating system and a suite of tourist applications. The users interact with the system using their touch screen, head phones or ear buds - to listen and not bother those around them, thus providing an audio and visual interactive experience that is both intuitive and easy to use. Marhaba Palestine! has been user tested by the full range of visitors including: old, young, techo or technically challenged, plus multicultural stress tested, so that visitors to Palestine can find answers simply and easily. Marhaba Palestine! is unplugged - no need for internet and chasing hotspots - so users have content whenever and where ever they want. Yes, you need to charge the tablet - batteries are good for full day touring. This allows the user to move about freely, even at places that has no internet connectivity which is often a challenge in Palestine. Marhaba Palestine! provides map navigation, which highlights the street names, restaurants, tourist landmarks, hotels, shops and other points of interest. The system allows the user to navigate, search, and pin-point key landmarks easily using their finger-tips. Marhaba Palestine! services have been built based on user input from what is on the maps to the Phonebook, which contains essential visitor contacts for recommended hotels, hostels, taxis, restaurants plus emergency contacts; just in case. Marhaba Palestine! has been designed and user tested to make your visit fun without the worry about carrying around books, or stopping to ask for help, or being worried about your language skills. Marhaba Palestine! acts as a rich information portal to Palestine aided with multimedia content and packed in one device! It contains a large collection of traditional Palestinian songs, a library of 500 e-books describing the aspects of life in Palestine plus 10 hours’ worth of video documentaries showcasing Palestine and its people. How can you get this service? Visitors rent the tablet, fully loaded for a day or a week. An up-front deposit - like hotels do when you check in - is fully refunded once the device is returned. Specials for group books, extended use - more than a day, and off peak are available. The Marhaba Palestine! team has an extensive list of future enhancements based on pilot user feedback from content for special needs, to integrated content with tour operators.