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Established in 2010, Codefish is an offshore software architecture and consulting company specialized in developing modern, user-friendly, dynamic, intelligent, customized and scalable business software applications. Starting up with two ambitious founders and one client, Codefish bloomed into a 10 employee company serving multiple large clients across the Middle East and Africa. Ronny Shibley and Kamel Semakieh, creators of Codefish, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise after having worked extensively in multinational companies in North America such as IBM, Ericsson, and Morgan Stanley. Their experience companied with their dedication to hiring and training the best talent in the region is what contributes to Codefish’s growth and adaptability to the changing business environments and client needs. The methodologies used, along with easy to use and dynamic software applications, guarantee flexibility and efficiency in the heart of medium to large sized enterprises. By working individually with each other every one of its clients, Codefish is capable of grasping their exact needs and suggesting solutions that exceed their expectations.