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Ethereal Tech

Consult Mac is the leading bespoke service for the UAE. Since our inception in 2010, we noticed that the Apple service platform in the UAE was nothing at all like the background we had ascertained. Our aim was to enrich the consumers of the UAE with our extensive support working with Apple Inc. and our training background, as well as provide other key services to the region. One of these would be to enhance consumer service in the region through retailers. Already existing Apple promoter staff through the Apple distributor, we have trained them with our extensive knowledge to provide a backdrop of Consult Mac and our business repertoire. At the very least we utilize seasoned Apple professionals with over 7 years in the industry singularly and not collectively. Although other training solutions exist from Apple certified trainers to more expensive solutions to general trainers, our skill set allows us to have no direct competition as we are the only persons from an extensive Apple background and training solutions to provide the most advanced expertise that differentiate substantially from the region.


Investment Rounds

  • Date March, 2011 | Type Early Stage | Source Family
  • Date October, 2011 | Type Later Stage | Source Family