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Shoutit is a social marketplace to trade and connect with your local community. Shoutit is the region’s first social marketplace where buyers post requests for goods or services that they need and the amount they would like to pay for them. It’s a way for you to connect with others in their local community on a fun and easy to use platform. Shoutit takes the concept of commerce back to the basics, by allowing you to log in and trade whatever you are offering or requesting with those around you. Buying something? Selling something? Requiring some help? Offerring some service? simply shout it! relax and wait for responses from your local community. Shoutit also helps you to build your shopping profile listening to stuff that you like, and then it will try to always show you recommendations based on what you listened to. You can also build a listeners base which gives your shouts a louder effect and make them reach more people.


Investment Rounds

  • Date September, 2011 | Type Seed | Source Self