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Box Automation System

Box & Automation Solutions (after named BAS) is a company specialized in cash management, audit, and treasury solutions.

The C2Box™ provides an over-all and real-time view of cash flows and cash positions all over the world. It corresponds to a powerful tool for auditing, managing, and monitoring cash flows. This tool provides help in terms of audit, of cash management, and of financial control.

C2Pay manages the full payment process whether domestic or cross border, with a powerful and solid electronic signature workflow.

C2S aims to rationalize your bank communication while enabling you to benefit from the advantages offered by the SWIFT network;

BAS was first founded in May 2007 by a team expert in the fields of audit, cash management, treasury and financial control, aiming to develop an intuitive and easy-to-use SWIFT-based analytical platform that enhances the treasurer’s productivity, provides global cash visibility, and helps manage liquidity levels as well as transactions and cash risks in real-time. BAS has been selected as a technology pioneer by the global center of competitiveness Finance Innovation and by Oseo.