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Ibda'a for Intelligent Solutions: is a leader Syrian company in GIS and Business Intelligences solutions, It has worked for three years with high qualified technical team, integrated with FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) experts, to analyze sales force problems and present the first intelligent software solution for distribution "I-Distributor" based on customers' needs to support customers in rising up their profits, monitoring fleets and reducing their costs.

I-Distributor won the AGCA 2011 (Arab Golden Chip Awards) as the best GIS Application, also it won the 2nd place in START contest for technical innovation in 2010, which was organized by ICTI and MBR foundation.

I-Distributor consists of two applications:

Management Desktop Application:

Installed at Company and provide Sales Manager with distinguished features to control distribution plans, track each vehicle movements and sales, and powerful tools to analyze sales & distribution data to get on demand reports and KPIs.

Mobile Application:

Installed on handheld device with salesman, provides him with easy to use features, helps him to find his customers locations using digital maps, and reducing efforts of inventory, generating invoices and DSR daily sales report automatically, and sends information immediately to company.

Ibda’a provide customers with free trial version for 1 month with help files, and it has met with considerable interest among customers as characterized by the new possibilities and interfaces unique and easy to use