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BOKITTA is a new venture in clothing retailing inclusive of clothing design, prototyping, sampling, manufacturing, distribution, selling and franchising.

Our business fashion philosophy is to design, create and sell innovative and stylish conservative apparel and accessories using reasonable material quality at affordable selling prices and bringing it as quickly as possible to our customers world wide through a variety of marketing channels and using most effective means of logistics and communication.

BOKITTA INVENTED the innovative Ready-To-Wear headscarf with unlimited number of variations in style and design, and has a patent (PCT) Application number IB2009054887 published by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under publication ID

WO20110551 accessible at:,

providing patent protection in more than 144 countries. We have also already filed for the National Phase in many countries, and filed for patent in the GCC states IP office in KSA.

This patented product; the VOILA!, is a ready to wear scarf that is a "PIN-FREE", "Hassle-FREE", "Pre-wrapped" Scarf designed stylishly for the Active Modern Muslima that does not need to waste time wrapping her scarf and worrying about losing pins or even how to wrap it. We designed and invented a Scarf that can be worn in one step without any experience and would look like a wrapped scarf. We have gained a lot of popularity through our online store and our Facebook page and our social media interaction. We have a shop in Beirut and we have a Franchise store in Malaysia and Soon in Canada and Egypt. We have many resellers around the world. Our major store is our online store "" which caters for all our international customers.

Our product line includes in addition to the invention headscarf and its variations, trendy shirts, t-shirts, skirts and accessories with emphasis on seasonal fashion colors and styles inspired by world designers.

Our targeted customers are women all around the world. This business is steadily expanding business and it is also a lasting market.

Our Marketing strategy focuses on the flagship product as the venture startup product and the online marketplace has been catering to many countries such as Lebanon, Kuwait, Syria, KSA, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco,Tunis, Libya, USA, Australia, UK, Maldives, India, Iraq, France, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Turkey, Iran, North America, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and many more international customers. The physical marketplace started with Beirut and Expanded to open a Franchise in Malaysia and Libya and soon to open in Egypt and Canada. 

Competition does not exist for this innovative product, but once the market is established,competition is expected to create imitations which will be fought back with our Original creator image, creativity and innovation of themes and collections and our quick response and just-in-time production as well as legally.

The capital needed to run the company in the first year is $2.45 Million  

Our goal is to develop this business into a global fashion clothing retail business by establishing our own shops and by joint ventures and/or franchises in all countries where we will have presence and strengthen our online store to allow it to reach out for as many customers as possible.

Beginning May 2011 and June 2011, two kiosks were setup in Lebanon; in Beirut Mall and in Saida Mall respectively. The two kiosks were 100% successful proof of concept. In April 2012 first Franchise launched in Malaysia and it is very successful so far.

Remember always BOKITTA invented the PIN-FREE scarf.