Got a Startup? Add it!


The main concept for the site is to serve as a place where people living in or coming to Egypt can go and check restaurant reviews, hotel reviews, etc… and make informed decisions for places to go. It is also intended to be a place where users can review and share their experiences at different businesses so others can learn from that experience, whether it was good or bad.

The site already has an impressive database of locations around Egypt, but should the user search for a business and not find it, he/she can add the business right from the website. The listing then goes to an admin who will check the added business and approve it to go live on the site. Users can also promote events in Egypt by adding the event to the site. They can even link the event to an existing business and it will show up on that business’s page giving even more exposure to the event. On the event page other users can comment and show their interest by clicking that they’re “in” or that the event “sounds cool.” Other users will then see the amount of interest for the event.

There is also a social networking layer built on top of the reviews functionality which allows users to become friends with each other, as well as give “cool” or “funny” compliments to each other. Another functionality of the site is the “Talk” section which acts as a forum for discussions around various topic categories between users on the site. Users can also create “Lists” of their favorite businesses or anything else they can think of. For example a user can create a list of his/her favorite sushi places in Cairo and share it with others

TotallyEgypt has also launched 3 mobile apps namely (Blackberry/Iphone/Android) to serve as a location based application for the users of the site.

TotallyEgypt is a startup company based in Cairo, Egypt. The company was founded by Ahmed Diaa and Tarek Mongy in 2010. is the company’s first site to be launched, with plans to launch more sites serving the people of Egypt in the future. The flagship website is hoped to become the go-to place for the residents and visitors of Egypt looking for the hottest places in town.