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alfarabi is a global medical cloud which applies social networks like approach to allow doctors, patients, and
medical researchers all over the world to share medical records, experiences, abilities and knowledge. It also allows
medical researchers to access and benefit huge amounts of indexed and analyzed medical records using
sophisticated analysis and search tools.
alfarabi offers a complete set of features which enables communication between all medical sides easy and
intelligent by using a sophisticated fuzzy function to identify similarities and enable networking:
 Users or patients will be able to network according to medical similarities so they can share stories and
 Users or patients will be able to network with doctors according to similarity between their medical shared
medical records.
 Doctors can upload and share medical records which will be suggested automatically to related doctors so
they can comment, discuss and share their knowledge.
 Sophisticated online analytical processing tools will help medical researchers to make use of millions of
uploaded medical records.
 alfarabi integrates with medical software applications by providing open plugins and APIs.
 alfarabi provides a set of web and mobile health track applications 


Investment Rounds

  • Date April, 2013 | Type Early Stage | Source Self Finance
  • Date April, 2014 | Type Later Stage | Source Sponsirship