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Naqeshny is a website created to be used as a well-structured and user-friendly platform for social interaction in debates and discussions. It interweaves the innovative notion of a color concept into users’ profiles; different colors represent different mindsets and ideologies, and thus, a user’s color becomes a descriptive characteristic on his or her profile page. The color concept provides an easy and convenient means for users to locate others with similar mindsets or opposing ones, if interested in being exposed to a new perspective. On Naqeshny, users are given the opportunity to make well-informed decisions, as external sources are easily accessible; links to articles and news websites are readily available on our website. Naqeshny was born as a result of the events taking place in the Arab world, where most citizens are preoccupied with politics and issues concerning their future; we aim to be a part of this by facilitating the engagement of discourse and social interaction between individuals in a civilized manner. 

What makes us unique

Naqeshny is the first online platform that aims to assist active individuals to make well-informed decisions. Users are connected through their views rather than their friendships. Upon your registration, you are asked a few questions which are used to formulate a basic idea of your ideologies. Users with similar mindsets will have the same color logo. Since Naqeshny is built on the notions of debating and convincing, we do not expect our users’ views and positions to remain static. Your color will automatically change as your views do so as well. What sets us apart from other websites is our commitment to creating an authentic sphere of communication. Naqeshny is where your actions speak louder than your words. 


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2011 | Type Seed | Source self-financed