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Enpronomics Solutions

Enpronomics Solutions is a mobile development company that tends to provide smart solutions for mobile users to grant easier life for its clients. We provide different types of apps for different platforms but our main focus is in personal safety applications. We provide apps for family safety, elderly care, roadside assistance, child tracking and lone workers. We have clients in different parts of the world mainly in UK, US and Finland. Our personal safety apps are used by international companies like People Safe and 4TS. Our solution "Here I am" was awarded the grand prize in "Calling All Innovators" contest 2009 and that is what pushed us to establish the company and start making our dreams –as owners- come true. Now with our piece of art solution "C-cure" we are building a more advanced solution that will change your look to your phone capabilities. From now on, your phone can really save your life!! The app is in the development phase and a beta version is coming very soon for public reviews.