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In Saudi Arabia , it is very hard to give or get directions , or  to find a local business , phone number and place .

ZeeWhere is a responsive website & iPhone & Android Apps that would help people to have addresses, So they can get or give directions easily. It could be used as a universal delivery Number of anyplace , restaurants , Shippers , also postals. It would save the hassle of giving turn by turn directions over the phone.Also , it could be used as a business directory, it will be easy, to find a local business location , info , promotions , showcases and branches.

How it works ?

ZeeWhere knows a user's location at the moment they are using the web by  using a technology called GeoLocation. then the user can search for a local businesses near by or can get directions to someones place. The search can be something like "AA0001" for personal users or a name of a place or service desired to get a commercial place.