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Hafiz Quran

Hafiz (Only Juzu’ Amma)  allows you to Recite Quran in your own voice. Hafiz needs no internet connection to operate in speech recognition mode while it needs internet for downloading audio for the first time.

With hafiz you can learn Quran without a tutor, easy and convenient, interactive way and time saving

Quran Memorization

The all new hafiz offers you to recite (tarteel) Holly Quran (Only Juzu’ Amma) in your own voice , using cutting edge of Arabic speech recognition technology, hafiz will judge your memorization, pronunciation and show you your mistakes (if any) in red. Although a reciter who memorizes the Quran, needs other tutor who listens to his recitation and points oral mistakes hafiz will replace the tutor. Any mismatch or  mistake will be displayed in red. In order to handle this issue, Eqra researchers designed and developed hafiz and tested it.

In addition hafiz will enable you to enjoy recitations of one reciter in this version   and exercise you memorization as well as the exact pronunciation, thanks to new technology and innovation done by eqra researchers and engineers.

The goal of this innovative technology is to afford an effective assistance in the self-learning of reciting Quran.

The challenging feature about hafiz is that it can detect and fully diagnose the faults – if any – in your recitation of Quran. Hafiz is offered in Arabic and English user-interface, and other versions to emerge in the future in about 54 different languages. The all new hafiz offers you the Complete Quran ,and recitation