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Haweee is a part of KAUST entrepreneurs program.

Haweee is an online sports services company specialized in creating a unique experience for its customers through online solutions that bridge the gap between the physical real-world ball games that its customers play and the online extension to that game providing the tools necessary to find, manage, and organize games, as well as reflecting on them.

The company is committed to generating a unique and fun experience for the users that will help them enjoy the game, and alleviate the managerial pains that go along with setting it up.

As our growth continues we will seek to add further services that allow for better management and further enhance the game for the players. Such planned services include online field reservation, add-on services request – such as still and video photography of the games, refereeing, refreshments stand, snack stands, among others –, as well as organizing amateur leagues for the tames to take part in.