Got a Startup? Add it!


The word ibTECHar is “إبتكار” meaning innovation in Arabic written in English and spelled with “TECH” to indicate it is innovating using technology. ibTECHar specializes in educational-technologies aiming to become a leading role model in the field. The team at ibTECHar focuses on using technology to streamline how knowledge should be perceived and applied.

Wanasa World is ibTECHar’s first and main product. It is a MMOG (Massive Multi-player Online Game) targeted for kids in the tweenage (6-12 years). Wanasa World provides a differentiated value that sits it apart from any available product in the market by focusing on two key principles; which are missing in the traditional education system:

  1.  Putting Knowledge in Context
  2. Interconnecting Knowledge

At ibTECHar, we believe that our technology will have a significant contribution in opening new horizons for today’s educational systems and processes.