Got a Startup? Add it!


GroupIn  is a Riyadh based, Saudi company founded by a group of former marketers, consultants, and managers of large multinational service-based companies, experienced in local and global markets, who saw a need for better way to reach consumers and for consumers to interact in the local marketplace. our goal has always been to find new and inventive ways to accelerate growth for businesses here in the kingdom. our solution was GroupIn , a new innovation in social shopping.

GroupIn  works to promote and sell discount deals on exclusive, high-end products, services, and events from our popular, reputable, retail partners, to consumers that congregate in large numbers to our platform. we also offer high-saturation marketing and profit potential for our business partners through our services. We utilize the best technology, the power of group-buying, the force of social media, and the most comprehensive marketing and profit growth services, to re-engineer the shopping experience towards the needs of consumers and retailers in today’s local economy.