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Made in Domiat

The project is basically a community service project that aims to encourage producers to re-gain their selling power after the last period of a falling economy. Damietta (Domiat in Arabic) is a city that is famous of its Furniture industry that has a world-wide reputation years ago. People used to come to Damietta from Egypt, Arab countries (specially Gulf area), and Europe to buy Damiettan Furniture that is well-known for its high quality. However, in the last years, Chinese products - although with lower quality - have affected the Damiettan market share due to price issues, and lack of effective marketing tools, That is; despite the large size of Damiettan market and the unique supply chain privileges it has, people miss the appropriate skills and tools to promote their goods.

Our project aims at the first place to help Damiettan producers to be able to manufacture and sell their goods in a more modern way to be able to compete with the foreign competitors.

The project is mainly using a portal "" to help Damiettan producers (either large entities or small individuals) to show their products, thus opening new showrooms for them that are open to the whole world.

The other important part of our project is our "back-end" system that will be responsible for offering a variety of services to both producers (who sell) and customers (who buy). Among many other services: we’ll train producers on the communications, IT, marketing, and presentations skills. We’ll help customers to better choose the products that fit their needs and to get competitive prices.

Although the project seems so localized to Damietta, we are sure that its effect will be of great importance to the Egyptian economy as a whole. In short time, the website will be the most trusted online portal for people who want to buy Egyptian goods, rather than just Damiettan ones. We believe that we will reach our international target audience by focusing in the beginning on the local market to build our good reputation with solid steps.

The project may seem traditional E-marketing website, which is not true at all. Our project provides a large number of services for its subscribers that are far more beyond just E-marketing. The team that we are calling "back-end team" is responsible for offering on-the-land services for our customers, which are services that are provided for the first time in Egypt through the Internet.

Our project aims at developing the skills of the producers, helping them to market their products both nationally and internationally, and helping customers to reach them in simple decent ways. That’s why we are focusing on the "community development" part. We are not only building a website, we are building the character of the producer who becomes a member of our website, and building relations among producers and customers that will help both to perform a better selling/buying experience. "Made in Domiat" this way is absolutely the first website to offer such variations of services for its members and visitors, either in Egypt or abroad.