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Idea name: MOHR.

It is MO-HR and pronounced as MOHR.

MO-HR stands for MOVE-IT- Human Resource management system. In Arabic, MOHR means a little horse and that’s how the product logo is inspired. please refer to the idea website

The key features in MOHR are Attendance and Payroll modules.

The attendance module which is called “Attend-Everywhere” has unique features that target sales intensive companies. It allows salesmen or any customer related visits to attend using their mobile devices based on their locations. Or even outsourced people to follow-up their work. This allows sales, technical support or any other managers monitor sales plan execution and easily investigates customers complains related to employees’ (Tech support or Salesmen) visits.

The second attractive module is payroll, which contains payroll calculation engine that can calculate any payroll item whatever complexity it has. This makes it adaptable to any country lows and regulations related to payroll, especially with the “Activity” feature which affects payment items based on time or certain employee action.

Both modules give some sort of uniqueness to MOHR over other HR related systems

More than that, also MOHR will be the first -almost- Arabic cloud based HR system worldwide.

The potential is in being cloud and the bigger potential is in being cloud in Arabic. So the add value of this business is being the 1st Cloud based Arabic HR app.

MOHR also adds value to community by allowing SME’s (small and medium enterprises) who were not able to manage their Human capitals through a good and reliable HR system to do that with MOHR and with a reasonable and affordable price and niche technology.

We have a business plan that shows the business opportunity. We will validate a payback period PBP of 29 months and an Internal Rate of Return IRR with 74% after 5years, and also positive net present value.

The product 1st version is ready to market, and was funded by MCIT (Egyptian ministry of communication and information technology) through a local competition. So the investment will be directed to marketing and continual enhancements of the product features and modules.

Product website: ….the site is still a beta version

MOVE-IT is available for online presentation if required, however you may try it yourself by registering in our site using the free edition.