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Nafham is an online educational platform linked to the mandated public curriculum, which provide 5-20 min. crowdsourced videos, content is categorized by grade, subject, topic and academic schedule.

Website ( – launched October 2012. Other versions to be released: tablets, mobiles, windows8 and smart TV apps.

· Lack of quantity and quality of public schools in the MENA region.
· High private tutoring fees ($2-3bn/y in Egypt).
· Outdated textbooks.

Value proposition:
Engage students in the content creation for better understanding, and provide many ways for them to learn in a simple pressure-free environment.

Target Market:
K-12 students MENA.

Business Model:
· Relevant advertising and sponsorships. 


Investment Rounds

  • Date October, 2012 | Type Seed | Source Flat6Labs
  • Date October, 2012 | Type Early Stage | Source Ahmed Alfi