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Irwaa LLC is an Egyptian technology startup company based in Alexandria and founded in 2010. At Irwaa we focus on developing systems that leverage the use of mobile and web technologies to provide solutions for healthcare, electronic commerce, and others. Our flagship product; Medica App, the award-wining medical mobile app, reminds patients to take medications on time, and organizes care-giving for nurses and healthcare professionals. MedicaApp can be used by nurses in hospitals and medical centers, or even by patients at home, and can be distributed in pharmacies. Medica App was awarded by Nokia, United Nations, Samsung, and ITIDA. Our forthcoming system, MedicaSys, is a four-module web (and mobile) service for healthcare seekers and providers. MedicaSys allows people to search online for doctors and medical institutions by specialty and location. The system provides many other benefits and features like medication reminders, online reservation for patient visits, customizable hospitals/doctors website templates, online search for scarce medicines, and many more.