Got a Startup? Add it!


Meet Wally.

Your super smart personal finance app that goes everywhere you go – right in your phone. Just download it and get started right away – no need to set anything up!

Wally’s incredible ease of use allows you to quickly add expenses on the go and instantly allows you to review your expenses with easy to understand graphs based on categories, aspects or even venues.

Add your expenses manually, or by taking a picture of the receipt! With the built in InstaScan®, your cam will read the receipt and capture the amount, venue, date, time and save it – automatically! (We’re pretty proud that part!)

Wally goes the extra mile by allowing you to add “Aspects” to all your category expenses. Not every dinner is work related, and not every drink out is social. Wally lets you specify the why of your expenses. It gives you the ability to see which of your expenses is social, work, family or even vacation related.

We understand your privacy. All the expenses you add are saved right into your phone; we don’t save anything on our servers. So nobody gets access to what you spend.

Wally is pretty smart, too! After automatically logging in your venues on a map, it even draws your attention to deviations from your usual spending habits.

Oh, and it’s 100% free :)