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I3zif for Music was launched in May 2012 as the first online music school that teaches users how to play musical instruments through high quality video is the first website to offer professional video tutorials conducted by award winning and charismatic musicians with a long teaching experience and an impressive live performance record. Not only is the first to offer music tutorials in Arabic, but it is also the first to offer music tutorials for oriental instruments in English.

Building a community of music lovers, will become the number one destination for Arabs seeking music education, providing a one stop shop experience that includes: The i3zif music school, the i3zif musical instruments store, the i3zif blog, the i3zif club (user generated content section), and the i3zif Library of popular songs tutorials and sheet music.

The Pain

What prevents people from learning music?

How do we solve it?


Around ¼ of what offline music schools charge


Available anytime


Multiple instructors for each instrument

Teaching Method

Multiple teaching methods

Access to a music school

Available Anywhere

Acquiring the suitable musical instrument

Musical instruments online store

Arabic speakers seeking music education face a lot of pains. A 30-minute music class costs an average of $25 in addition to refundable and non-refundable insurance amounts ranging between $20 and $60 paid in advance to the music school. Employees and students find it hard to commit to a fixed timing every week to attend music classes especially that music schools close around 7:30pm. People looking for a great hobby in playing music usually do not want to go through difficult music theory, they just want to learn how to strum their favorite songs, such an option is rarely offered by music schools. There is no option for people to select the instructor and are restricted by the time they select for classes, the location of the school and the policies and laws of the music school. Music lovers in Saudi Arabia have absolutely no means for learning music, as the government does not allow the presence of offline music schools. Arabic speakers outside the Arab world have no means for learning eastern instruments, and western musicians or lovers of oriental music have no means of learning how to play eastern musical instruments such as Oud, Tabla, or Qanun.


i3zif provides the best instructors in the Arab world at an affordable price, all the time, anywhere in the world through high definition structured and sequential videos utilizing graphics and visual aids taking into consideration common mistakes students usually make. Courses begin with absolute beginners and end with advanced levels. Students select the instructor they prefer after watching the free videos, and then watch the lessons anytime they choose. Students can buy instruments recommended by the instructor based on their level and style of music, i3zif has the credibility of a music school as opposed to regular stores wanting to sell what they have in stock, i3zif is on the student’s side. Students can discuss ideas, articles, sheet music, videos, and events in the i3zif blog, share their own videos of their performances in the i3zif club, and learn how to play their favorite songs in the i3zif library.