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Feesheh Music Warehouse

Launched in February 2012, is the first e-commerce website for musical instruments in the MENA region; offering competitive prices, a wide variety of options, and expert customer support on all music related gear.

  • Feesheh aims to create a revolutionary music culture among the youth that has never existed before in the region and that has been extremely underserved. Feesheh aspires to become the brand for music in the MENA region and a comprehensive destination for all musicians' needs by providing a one-stop experience that consists of the following: the store, the expert center, the custom shop, and listings.

    Our main value is providing musicians the deals on their favorite brands all in one place along with the best expert help by dedicated young musicians, we also repair instruments, and create custom designs and functions on guitars.

    Feesheh is the first of its kind in the region both online and offline with the value it is offering, and it is proving its value through constant positive customer feedback. We have been targeting Jordan alone as a pilot. We have access to around 90,000 musical instruments and supplier deals in Jordan, Dubai, Germany, and USA and planning to expand in 2013 into the bigger markets of the region. 



Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2012 | Type Seed | Source Oasis500