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Experts 911

Experts 911 is one of the leading Managed IT Services Providers in the MENA region.

Our goal is to enable small and medium sized businesses (less than 35 employees) to focus on their business without worrying about their IT needs. We provide them with quality IT outsourcing services and affordable Managed IT solutions that previously used to be available only to large organizations with full-time IT experts and huge IT budgets.

With the ever-growing IT challenges, we realize that small and medium companies do not have unlimited resources or extensive expertise in IT security or disaster recovery. With our unique Unlimited Online IT Support and Help Desk subscription, we tackle not only software and hardware troubleshooting issues, but we go a step further to assist each employee in using their computer and software more efficiently. Our experts answer all how-to questions and provide tips and tricks on how to perform certain tasks faster.

Only Experts 911 Provides The Fastest, Easiest and Most Secure IT Support. This is achieved through Experts 911 Support Icon that we will install on our customer's desktop:

1. When the employees have a question or face an IT problem, they will simply double-click our support desktop icon.

2. They will immediately start chatting with one of our technical support experts anywhere they are.

3. They will briefly explain the problem or ask a question in their own simple words (in Arabic or in English).

4. If needed, our engineer will request the permission from the customer to remotely view their screen together; once the customer approves this request, the customer can watch and learn how our support expert will fix the problem in front of them quickly and privately.

We simply do NOT sell IT Products, but we rather provide superior IT Services that are MANAGED remotely by our trained IT team.

We specialize in Online IT Support outsourcing, computer and network security, backup and disaster recovery, as well as cloud services. We cooperate with a variety of suppliers and vendors in order to provide our customers with the best possible solution that meets both their requirements and available budget.

We differentiate ourselves through our team of certified experts and the use of the latest technologies and premium tools. This allows us to provide our customers with the fastest response, fastest resolution, and the lowest downtime in the industry, along with the best solutions and services at a very competitive price.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) throughout the Middle East and Africa. Our technical team is dedicated, qualified and passionate about technology. Our experts are trained to handle nearly every problem that a computer may encounter.