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What's so great?

There are hundreds of sites and apps where you can search and rate items. Be it food, hotels, movies or books, you want to know if something is worth your time or money. You want to know what’s great.

The problem is, these sources are either tricky to navigate, not credible, not always accessible or just simply too time consuming.

“To be simple, is to be great” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

No frills, no excessive data usage requirements, no looking through pins on maps, no long unnecessary user reviews, no messages telling us “we didn’t recognize your location” and most importantly no getting lost on complicated user interfaces. We have kept things simple.

Great is a free universal rating mobile application where you can rate and search anything there is to be rated. You rate an item between 1 and 5, add an optional image or up to three descriptors and you’re done. Your great appears on your facebook time line or twitter feed so your friends and followers get to be filled in on what you’re up to and how you rate it.

Searching for greats is just as easy, since great uses hash tags and geo coordinates, list results appear quickly and are easily accessible. Integration to twitter through these hash tags also allows twitter users to search for greats on twitter.

Great will be monetized by allowing establishments to claim their page or by giving them the option of search optimization.

Sponsored results - Outlets can sponsor results whereby they pay to have their outlet appear when certain chosen keywords are searched or users are in proximity to their establishment or outlet.

Customization / Own the tag - Owners of outlets or businesses will be able to claim and customize their page (upon ownership confirmation of outlet) for a minimal annual fee.  Owners will be able to add additional information to their page such as a menu, a new clothes collection arrival or a special offer at the gym. Users will be able to follow certain pages of interests and choose to receive push messages informing them of any updates.To ensure credibility, scores and greated items along with user uploaded pictures will not be editable by the owner of the page.

Because great does not require users to rate predefined inputted items, (users decide what they want to rate) the potential market size and of the app, is millions of users with millions of paying businesses. To put it simply, great is not limited to a particular market that requires a large back office to update input as all data is user inputted.

Now that's great.