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Instabug is In-app feedback done right!

To know what Instabug is doing, imagine yourself using an app and you want to send a feedback!

You could do it your way: where you take a screenshot of the app, and compose an email with your feedback and all testing details and send it to the developer.

Or you could do it the Instabug way; by just SHAKING the device! by doing this you get our feedback form within the app itself where you write your comment and we also attach a screenshot of the app that you can also annotate to highlight your point.

For developers, we provide a detailed report for each feedback sent with all device details such as the device model, OS version, memory and storage usage, as well as the wifi and carrier and the user’s location. It’s all the details of the testing environment.

Simply, Instabug saves more than 90% of your time! 

Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2012 | Type Seed | Source Flat6Labs