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SynkOnAir brings a revolution in Social Media where TV watchers and Radio listeners will be able to engage and interact in real-tim with programs and adverts and will get rewarded.

SynkOnAir launches a new era for the Media Industry empowering people to engage socialy with Televisions, Radios and publications. Our value proposition bridges Broadcast, Publishing and Online markets. We propose a social platform mobile app called Synkers aiming to recapture the audience's attention and grow their engagement with programs and adverts.

We provide our clients TV & radio streams real-time synchronization with companion devices applications, and automatic content recognition for print ads. We are specialized in developing mobile application modules where the users can get more social content, interact with shows and ads, comment, react, vote, play along, buy and get rewarded for their actions.

The team consist of expertise in the Broadcast, Telecom and Online industries.

We are proud to make SynkOnAir MENA the first Social Media Engagement initiative in the Arab region, serving all actors of the Industry.