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Have you ever wondered why most radio stations keep playing the same songs over and over again? Always playing new music and forgetting the great old classics? Thinking that they got it all worked out? Doesn't it get boring and annoying at some point? And what's up with all the repetition of songs?

Rababa.FM is an internet radio station streaming English music live from Amman, Jordan, with a sole purpose, to inspire people with great stirring, meaningful, positive and happy songs that boasts the 20th and 21st centuries' best songs and lyrics, and we don't just repeat popular songs like today's commercial radio stations, we play thousands of songs randomly that we are sure will savor to everyone's taste, and to keep the listener entertained, happy and rejuvenated all the time.


Rababa.FM is made up of people like you and me, and most importantly for people like you and me, we play songs that have profound meanings, songs that relate to our day to day lives and experiences, songs that make us happy, songs that feed our hungry soul, simply great songs! We're not here to provide you with ear-popping style of music, and certainly not the kind of music that gets you all pumped up for the wrong reasons! We are here to offer you an experience, a lifestyle and an entertainment companion that will feed your hungry soul! 

Listening to us is easy, just launch your browser to or download our user friendly Mobile Application (for iOS and Android), and it works perfectly using Wifi, 3G or HSPA+ for an uninterrupted and enjoyable streaming of our live internet radio.