Got a Startup? Add it!


As today the internet is the main target for finding knowledge and information and with the huge success of social networks, simplifying this process could be have been achieved easily. But the problem is that these social network platforms is concentrating in connecting people together missing the most important thing is to connect people with the content they want to read. 

Unfortunately users on social networks got cluttered by huge amount of information which harden finding what interests them and make them in a continuos search for new platforms where they can easily find and access information of their interest. 

and that was the main motive while we were working on founding Pngine. 

Pngine is a micro blogging platform that mainly concentrate on connecting people through valuable content. By allowing users to open topics about something or join a topic of their own interest and discover people's thoughts, stories or information about it. 

Pngine is not built on the traditional social networking concept as there is no Follow or connect feature. Simply users can discover a topic they want to read about it and there they will find people thoughts, stories and information about it, or they can open a new topic and allow other's to share their information or stories in it. 


Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2013 | Type Seed | Source flat6labs