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Alpha Girls Club

Most retailers focus on products brand advertisement to drive traffic to their stores. and even when consumers are  at the point of purchase, sales people do not capture consumers attributes. Less than 20% of retailers offer any type of loyalty programs, which at most offer consumers the option to redeem points against their purchase. 

Most retailers dream of a way to consistently bring traffic to their stores. Brand advertisement for new products or promotional offers are made using news media, and recently using social media. 

Overall, retail sales is inconsistent over the year, has unexpected hicks, and force retailers to keep expanding stores hopping to capture window-shopping consumers. 

Here comes Alpha Girls Club -AGC-, a cloud-based Social/Local/Mobile (SoLoMo) platform that enables small and medium retailers to compete with the Big Guys in attracting instant consumers to their distributed stores. AGC allow retailers to offer consumers Digital Coupons as a simple SMS. First, retailers would announce their promotions thru "permission marketing" advertisement in print or digital media. "HoT" consumers would be asked to opt-in by sending SMS with a promotion-code to AGC's SMS-Gateway. 

Once a consumer opts in for a specific promotion, AGC platform will send her the coupon SMS with the offer information. AGC allows retailers to monitor their ongoing and planned promotions, with the flow of internal departments (logistics, operations, sales, finance) to ensure that all the teams within retailer ops are aligned before and during the promotion. 

The consumer would then visit the identified store and show the coupon code to the salesman. Accordingly, the salesman verifies the coupon-code using AGC's sales management APP, which syncs online with AGC's main DataBase.

Moreover, AGC allows retailers to drive members (purchasing consumers) to a social media portal that show more promotions. The consumer would have the option to check her loyality values and accordingly request specific coupons to be sent to her mobile.