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Ta3rifah is a mobile app which provides an automated loyalty program through a Software-as-a-Service model, differentiated with advanced business analytics and targeted promotions to help retain and gain customers. 

It is one-stop-shop for all loyalty programs, merging between punch cards, flexible-points and discounts-clubs. It aims to be the most innovative and attractive mobile loyalty platform in MENA region which allows customers to earn loyalty points and enjoy discounts when they shop or dine, while giving business owners advanced tools to identify, analyze and communicate with the customers instantly, in order to create a better marketplace. 

Ta3rifah is Easy, Informative, Accurate, and Effective for merchants, as well as Efficient, Enjoyable, Flexible, and Interactive for customers. 

Ta3rifah Merchant Dashboard allows them to review their basic information as well as the analytics of their loyalty programs, products catalogue, customers' insights, and promotions and notifications management.