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Rawy is a digital publishing platform that publishes interactive Arabic stories and comics. Rawy helps publishing houses, authors and artists transform their books from the traditional form into interactive digital one and sell these books online in Rawy’s marketplace.

Rawy Kids App is our first application, it aims to educate the children good values and add fun to this process for happy informed kids. Besides helping publishers to transform their work, we also develop our own contents and publish it on Rawy kids store; we offer some of these stories free. 

Rawy Kids provides good values for kids’ mind and personality. We develop a strong generation that both follow technology and carry our values in its mind, which will lead to a civilized nation.

Rawy Kids is available on windows 8, iOS and Android operating systems. In the future, we have plans to publish Rawy Teens and Direct Education platform. 


Investment Rounds

  • Date February, 2012 | Type Seed | Source Flat6labs
  • Date January, 2012 | Type Seed | Source Angle
  • Date January, 2013 | Type Seed | Source Angle