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Limontaxi is a "Fleet Tracking & Dispatching" software-as-a-service. It uses "Mobile app" on the drivers’ smart-phones for the tracking, instead of the dedicated GPS devices.

The software for the Fleet Manager (and the Dispatchers) runs from the Internet (i.e. the "cloud") through any web-browser without the need to have servers/networks or software installation.

The software is tailored for the ground-transportation industry, and suitable for all Limousines, Taxi, Travel, Shuttle, errands and delivery services providers.

The mobile app is available in “Arabic” language to suit the drivers in the Arab region who don’t speak English.

It is considered a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for Limousine/Taxi and travel companies to have access to tracking & business automation solutions capitalizing on mixing “the Cloud” technology and the use of “Mobile apps”.