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Smart Document Scanner

Smart Document Scanner is an Android app that turns users' smartphones and tablets into a professional document scanner fostered with stunning scanning and document management features. Users can use the app to scan and enhance results of all sorts of documents. They can generate PDFs of their scans and sync them to Google Drive instantly. They can easily organize and get access to their documents wherever and whenever they wish from any device in hand and with too little effort to mention.

Sharing and emailing documents has never been easier with just a few simple tabs on the tablet or smartphone screen. Users use it as a receipt scanner to track expenditures and backup receipt copies for returns, warranties, reimbursement and tax deduction? It comes as a complete solution to scan documents and it has a superior file management system that would make the exhausting mission of rummaging through your scans an effortless job.

The decision to develop the app came after a profound study of the market and as we could spot a real and growing need for an intuitive document scanning app.

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