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Markaz Bayt el Lougha

It has come to our attention that the importance of the Arabic language as a mother tongue has deteriorated in the heart of several Arabic societies at the expense of other languages, which parents are now happily embracing and inculcating in the minds of their children. This is most unfortunate as the language is not only a way of communication, but it also reflects the culture, history and richness of a nation. Hence, it is no exaggeration to say that losing the Arabic language would equal to erasing the identity of a nation. At this point, noticing the amount of resentment expressed by Arab children at the idea of using the Arabic language in their daily lives, and in regard with the archaic ways used to teach the language, I thought it would be ideal to use the latest developments in modern technology to create some sort of a bond between the Arab kids and their mother tongue. As we all know, the widespread idea about Arabic, which is the sacred language of the Koran, is that it is a language that carefully preserves its originality and grammatical traditions and does not always absorb the creation of new technical terms. In this regard, I decide to change this reality by transforming the idea of learning the Arabic language into a fun, engaging and modern process.For this purpose, I am using the approach of integrating games in the teaching process