Got a Startup? Add it! has recently initiated the first car buying selling and discussion platform for the UAE people. The main activity is to provide a podium, where users can buy and sell vehicles from the comfort of their homes. In less than three months of existence, has listed itself among the recognized and highly acclaimed automotive web portals in the UAE. 

Stating their mission as “To provide every UAE resident a platform where they can buy, sell and discuss vehicles,” provides useful information on diverse range of subjects and issues, within the automotive dominion. 

Buying & Selling - Among its key maneuvers, the website operates a marketplace to connect the buyers and sellers of new and used vehicles in Arab Emirates. With a large number of active users, the website encompasses all kinds of vehicles available in the UAE. It allows the visitors to narrow their vehicle search using different tools like Marque name, Model year, Trim/Version, and Emirate. Users are also enabled with the facility to navigate and review a new car online.  

Auto News, Reviews, Previews - The web portal is in an active place to deliver news in the first instance. Although it leans towards the happening across the UAE, the newsroom also highlights the major events and occasions around the world. Ranging from acquisitions, announcements to mega auto shows, updates its portal with the hottest and latest. It is very easy to find the car of desire through the expert reviews, consumer reviews, road tests, and above all, price comparisons. has always appeared demonstrating the anticipated facts and figures about each make and model, running here in the UAE.

Blog and Forum - Astonishingly, is not just limited to buying, selling and news. On the educational side, blog posts/ guides usually inform the auto lovers with useful tips, tricks, and instructions about driving, vehicles, and regulations. At forums, members can indulge in discussions related to automotive stuff.

Car Financing - Considering the increasingly high volumes of loaned cars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates, makes it easy for the surfers to acquire the essential info on requirements and documentation of different financing institutes. 


After being initiated in November 2013 by Mr. Muqadas Javed Wattoo, currently Founder & CEO, has been able to gather and generate masses of useful data in a very short time. The CEO is a 31 year old young and creative magnate with extensive experience of the industry. Under his supervision, is operating skillful and diligent staff, making this site informative and user-friendly. As reflected in the mission statement, the CEO through this portal aims to assist every UAE resident in choosing vehicle of his/her desire.

The company has covered Dubai Motor Show 2013 ( and got lots of praises from the Dubai Police and the attendees.