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Karaz is an online store that aims to enlighten married couples about the value of a passionate love/sex life and enhance their experience through educational content and articles. Karaz aims to rekindle the purity and passion that sex can create between married couples, promoting a unique human bond unlike any other. The amount of information about sex in the Middle East is very limited due to the fact that it is misconstrued as taboo. Although Islam openly promote a healthy sexual relationship between a married couple, individuals are still wary about trying new things and finding solutions to pre-existing problems preventing them from achieving the desired sexual gratification, which can strengthen their love life, and in turn their marriage. By increasing the awareness of sex and its variations, we hope to offer the knowledge to improve one’s performance, their intimacy, and better harmony, not only in the bedroom but also in their domestic lives as well. This improved harmony could reduce the amount of domestic violence, divorce, and infidelity because it provides a better outlet for suppressed emotions  Karaz will provide very simple to understand information about various health related issues as well as religious points of view on sex in Islam. It will also provide products to increase the romance, intimacy, and performance of a couple while behind closed doors. 

The store will sell products in the following categories:
•Bath and Body 
•Books and Other Intimate Reading Material
•Bedroom Games
•Costumes & Lingerie
•Edible Delights
•Postnatal Rejuvenation
•Sexual Enhancements
•Sexual Stimulants

Karaz is a new and discreet website that provides sex therapy and marital aids, with special attention given to addressing marital issues and an Islamic fatwa guide.