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PayFellow is a secure comprehensive online payment eco-system enabler and provider that offers users in the Middle East an alternative method for payments. PayFellow will serve both as an online as offline payment method that will boost e-Commerce in the MENA Region. PayFellow addresses the missing online payment facilities that the MENA online merchants are requiring as well as captures the demand of both the consumers and merchants who are looking for alternative methods of payments that are secure, easy to setup, available, provides global access with competitive prices, through a diverse range of products:

1. PayFellow - MasterCard Gift cards

Offered at different denominations and currencies.

2. PayFellow - MasterCard Reloadable card

That is accepted globally among online and offline retailers with a personal online account, where cards will be reloaded through different accessible channels. 

3. PayFellow Mall

A specialized digital distribution of E-pins for pre-paid products and services, with instant online delivery.

4. PayFellow Payment Gateway

An e-commerce application service that authorizes credit card payments for e-businesses and online retailers that will process PayFellow, Visa, MasterCard and many other card payments.