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Growl Media

Growl Media is a Middle East based App developer dedicated to building apps that are both educational and entertaining. 

We’re a bunch of designers, developers, storytellers, and geeks, all working towards realizing the dream of a truly globalized world. One where little kids can have fun learning languages and exploring different cultures. 

How we got started

One day, while looking for an app that helps teach kids Hindi, we were struck by the fact that we wouldn’t put any of the stuff out there in front of our kids. As luck would have it, we know a thing or two about storytelling and designing and building apps, and we had the luxury of time. So we decided to give it a shot ourselves.

Because we were trying to build something that we’d be truly thrilled to let our kids use, we went all out. If we were teaching Hindi, we were going to do it right — with Bollywood-esque music, designs that have an Indian feel, and original stories that resonate with the Indian culture.

We got (a little) carried away, and before we knew it, we not only had a really cool app that helped teach kids Hindi, but we’d also built a framework that made it possible for us to think about how we could apply the same idea to other regional languages and cultures. After all, there are millions of little kids growing up far away from their own cultures.

We put some structure to the entire setup and voila… you have Growl Media.