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Irhal is an Islamic travel app for Muslim tourists. When you are near the Eiffel Tower in Paris and want to have a shawarma, Irhal can guide you to the nearest halal restaurant. When you are in Oxford Street in London and it is time for Maghreb prayers, Irhal can help you find the closest masjid. In an unfamiliar city Irhal can show you the Qibla direction and inform you about prayer timings. Our Editors have short listed for you the most important tourist attractions in each city, the best shopping spots and things to do if you have children in tow. We currently have 90+ city guides (and counting) ranging from Sao Paulo to Beijing. All city guides are in Arabic and English. Irhal is the must have app for Muslim travelers.

The latest travel news and special offers are updated daily. And over the years we have become the most credible resource for Islamic travel news. Geneva Tourism sends us updates about hotels that offer special facilities to Muslim tourists during Ramadan. Vienna Tourism keeps us informed about Halal restaurants in the city and we keep updating and adding new content every day. Our readers inform us if we have erred or if they wish to share a new restaurant or tourist attraction.

Our website - - attracts 200,000+ monthly visitors. 70% of them come to the Arabic section and 80% of them are from the MENA region.

We have just released our mobile app for Android phones (search for "Irhal" on the Google Play Store) and will Inshallah release the iOS version by mid June 2014. And, if we may say so, we have raised the bar for all Muslim mobile apps. A great user experience and a visually pleasing interface combine to make Irhal an app worth downloading.

And did I mention - it is all for FREE!