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  • Telecosys is a joint stock company specialized in offering innovative software solutions for Tech-based service providers including Telecom Operators, ISPs, and cloud-based service providers. 
  • Formed by a group of technical expertise with real hands-on experience in multi-national Telecom operators, Telecosys has been able to spot critical problems in the Telecom industry and put innovate differentiated solutions that effectively solve it. 
  • Telecosys is aiming at "Being the world's innovation lab for telecom solutions".
  • Telecosys is offering VeriSure, a software solution portfolio targeting Service Data Inconsistency problem at telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, and IT-cloud service providers, using a new online and automated mechanism.  Service Data Inconsistency problem threatens the service providers’ revenue (causes revenue leakage) and has a severe impact on customers’ experience.

Investment Rounds

  • Date January, 2014 | Type Seed | Source Flat6Labs