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Doxunity is a free verified network built around the needs of physicians throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Doxunity allows physicians to search for colleagues by educational institution, specialty, affiliations, demographics and languages. Doxunity enables physicians to collaborate on patient data whilst abiding to patient information privacy laws, thus allowing physicians to ensure proper patient diagnoses. Doxunity's messaging feature has the ability to upload studies, lab work, samples and medical images for needed collaboration on tough cases. Essentially, Doxunity is a LinkedIn for medical professionals across the Middle East and North African Region! 

Why Join Doxunity? 

· Personal Identity - Manage your personal profile 

· Collaborate – Contact other physicians to help ensure proper patient diagnoses or to assist you in areas that are not your specialism. 

· Seamless Communication - Secure communication platform enabling you to transfer confidential patient data while abiding to GCC patient privacy laws 

· Stay Connected - Connect with classmates, colleagues, residents, alumni and affiliates. 

· Save time - Obtain contact information within seconds across the Middle East & North African Region. 

· Build you Network - Advance your career as you network with colleagues and physicians at various health systems, organizations, affiliations. 

You can sign up for free at,
Healthy Networking, 
Fadi A. Muhsen 
Founder & Managing Partner